Portrait of a Woman — MyPaint

As the title says, done in MyPaint. I used the “Modelling” brush from the “Classic” set.

Woman in Mypaint Modelling Brush_copyright



“Days started going away, one after another. He adored the slow passage of time in that wilderness. The thought of the hours passing by reminded him of death, but the slow pace in which they paraded, opening themselves and stretching their holes, allowing him to go in and dive in the timelessness they always hold in themselves but usually hide, then go back out, just in time to have dinner, reminded him of happiness.”

(from “The Wavering Line” by Anton Chikakchiev)

Can a Dog Be Completely Innocent of Life?!

“Then he closed his eyes and tried to imagine peacefully grazing cattle, a dog’s skull lying among the blades of the grass — pulled by the trembling strings of the wind, under the warming gaze of the sun. Or, maybe he imagined it otherwise, maybe the dog was still alive, its skull dressed in flesh, maybe the cattle weren’t grazing, or they were, but they weren’t peaceful. Could cattle and people be peaceful at all, could a dog be completely innocent of life — even if it’s mere skull and bones — there, in the green grass, between the palms of the wind, under the eyes of the sun!…”

(from “The Unsettling Love-Hate Story of Bewildered Anatoly” by Anton Chikakchiev)

Drawing Based on Old Family Photo

This is from this year — as the great majority of my other drawings, basically. It was not meant to become an art project or an accomplished piece, so I did it on a used sheet of paper. But after I did it, in the space of a few minutes, I liked it in spite of its random nature. Medium used: a (very) thin stick of natural (willow) charcoal.

One of the two children is my mother, the woman is my grandmother. The drawing is of very small size and is based on a small size black & white photo that included 14 persons — if I am not mistaken. After this one, I did another drawing based on the whole [!] photo.

drawing based on old family photo